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5 Responses to Avoid When Asked For Your Target Pay

#5: “In Money?”

Don’t sound too eager to finally own currency and leave the barter caves. Act casual.

#4: “What does your mom make?”

A bold anchoring tactic, but risky if she is dead or lowly paid.

#3: “How much you got back there?”

Employers rarely keep much in the interview room vault. Basing your pay off that pile is playing into their hands.

#2: “I’m focused less on pay and more on my long-term growth.”

You idiot.

#1: “I thought this was a date.”

There is still a chance you could end up with sex here. And money. Don’t screw this up.

Bonus: “Dobby would settle for a company hat, sir.”

Your interviewer will see through this ploy. You must earn your swag. And your freedom.